About ASSC

Assurance Chain (ASSC) strives to build a stable and sustainable global mutual assistance ecosystem. It uses blockchain technology to clear the source of insurance, and makes the risk sharing principle of “everyone for me and me for everyone” become a realistic choice for global users.

ASSC reconstructs the relationship between the seller and the buyer formed in the traditional insurance industry. Without the centralized insurance company, everyone can participate in the mutual protection plan equally and freely to obtain protection or even provide protection for others. When the agreed conditions are met, the automatic payment will be triggered according to the smart contract.

A series of mechanism innovations conducted by ASSC will activate the vitality of institutions and individuals, and improve the mutual support ecosystem. Medical institutions, traditional insurance organizations, digital currency service platforms, etc. will find their own roles in the corresponding protection plans, and get rewards by making contributions.

ASSC provides a wide range of products for global users, and everyone has the opportunity to design their own mutual support products. Digital property, physical asset and life of each participant in the ASSC community will be trusted and protected by the blockchain. Each user who joins the ASSC Mutual Assurance Program and the participants in the safeguards process will be the owners of the ASSC community, sharing the development benefits of the ASSC Mutual Assurance Ecology.

6 Advantages of ASSC

Community Autonomy

ASSC changed the centralized operation model of traditional insurance industry and autonomies are given to the community management, thus everyone can participate in the mutual protection plan equally and freely to obtain protection as well as provide protection for others.

Low Premium

ASSC has changed the common practice of prepaid premiums in the traditional insurance industry, and the mutual aid will be deducted only when the actual risk occurs. The money only includes pure premiums and management fees, additional fees not included.

Quick Claims

ASSC simplifies the claims process of traditional insurance from the technical level. When the agreed conditions are met, users could get automatic payment according to the smart contract in a very short time.

Stable Added-value

Funds deposited by ASSC can be globally invested in digital currencies, creating value for ASSC users, while users' claims can also get stable added value, thus effectively avoiding inflation.

Transparent Process

ASSC fundamentally improves the situation of unclear information and private funds operation in traditional insurance. All decisions about the product or any information are made by the autonomous community, and anyone has the access to check the circulation in the chain.

Encrypted Information

Through blockchain technology, ASSC solves the super-privilege problem of traditional insurance administrators. Personal information is stored in the blockchain and all the information is encrypted and can only be viewed by certain people.

5 Mechanism Innovations

Value Creation Mechanism

The application scenarios create the underlying value of the ASSC, and as they become available, the value of the ASSC will continue to expand.

Border Design Mechanism

It makes more flexible mutual assistance products, reducing the minimum number of participants to make it effective and the number of claims.

Perpetual Mining Pool Mechanism

Rewards obtained in the community on the mutual assistance chain will go back to the mining pool. It ensures that the contributing nodes can get rewards continuously, and guarantee the node's benefits and the sustainability of the entire model.

Multi-currency Control Mechanis

Different protection currencies can be selected according to the specific conditions of different projects, meanwhile, market regulation can be carried out protect the stability of ASSC according to the market circulation and supply and demand of ASSC.

Depreciation Reserve Mechanism

The Foundation will set up a reserve fund to guarantee the value of ASSC in order to fundamentally solve the problem of the currency itself. As the fund expands, all ASSC holders and users will share the benefits.

Mutual Assistance Operation Model of ASSC



ASSC is a blockchain-based mutual assistance community with strong strength, providing high-quality mutual support products and services to global users, and using blockchain technology to simplify and improve the issuance, sales, insurance purchase, claims and other processes, allowing users around the world to enjoy more credible and convenient services.

As a founding member, the ASSC Foundation will undertake the globalization task of ASSC. The ASSC Foundation is an innovator and pioneer in the application of blockchain technology to mutual security. It consists of dozens of expert leaders in the blockchain industry and veterans in the insurance industry, and is well recognized and supported by the world's top blockchain investment institutions.


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